A  drastic selection, to give you the taste of  place.


"Wine should look like its origins ... In my glass, I want to see the landscape of the place I'm in"


(Jacques Puisais, founder of the French Institute for the Taste)


From year to year JACKY RIGAUX, introduced me to a simple way how to taste the wine: the Geosensorial tasting

Since the 16th century Geosensorial tasting is therefore a kind of tasting that focuses on the "taste of place"

The wine of origin is a wine that expresses its place of origin. For that, it takes time, observation and above all, as Henri Jayer said, the famous burgundy winegrower : "I let nature do it".


The wine of origin will then be the ambassador of its terroir and will deliver all its complexity, originality and its true nature.


Winexception is looking for these winegrowers for whom wine is a source of pleasure and emotions.


The winegrower creates the conditions for the sky and the earth to transcend the magic of the place.


The taste of wine expresses its origin.


I traveled all over France to meet  winegrowers and understand the way they worked in the vineyards and in the cellar to leave the expression of the terroir.


I'm able today to propose a drastic selection of wines which taste the place.



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