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  • Burgundy from the North to the South

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What is Geosensorial wine tasting ?

Introducing by medieval connoisseur; Philippe Le Bel officialize this profession in 1312. It was organized by the  "Compagnie des Courtiers Gourmets Piqueurs de Vin" .  The connoisseur focussed on the mouthfeel to guarantee the origin of barrels before commercialization.

This involves appreciating a wine by placing it in its home environment using mainly mouthfeel.

Famous winegrower as Henri Jayer or today all over France as Jean Michel Deiss (Domaine Marcel Deiss), Stéphane Derenoncourt (Domaine de L’A), Loic Pasquet (Liber Patter) agree with this way of tasting as our ancestors.