A selection of quality wines
Winexception propose a drastic selection of wine that taste the place.
Our philosophy : Artisanal winemakers are woking to have grapes, that have absorbed all the complexity of the terroir . Their wines taste the place with full character and a single identity.
Some winegrower trust in Winexception and allocate some prestigious appellations.
Unique intermediary
Guarantee traceability: Winexception guarantees the wines. We know winegrowers personally , viewed them regularly. 
One logistics center : Easier to manage freight, Winexception has his owned logistics platform
Simplify invoicing process: a single invoice and a single representative for different Domains
Be able to mix orders: Winexception give the opportunity to mix custom orders
Winexception to reinforce the traceability can manage the transportation of your wines.
We work with a reliable transporter. Transportation is managed in a reefer container to preserve wines. 
FCA (Brochon), FCA (le Havre...) or CPT. We adapt the solution to your business.